How to insert Excel rows, columns and cells by using a shortcut

How to insert Excel insert rows, columns and cells by using a shortcut

Welcome to your weekly 3 tip Friday update. Each week we’ll cover a tip, a shortcut and a function - making it super easy for you to learn Excel.

If you find this useful or have requests or ideas for future editions, send me a message or comment at the bottom of this post! Now, on with the tips. 

A quick win you can learn today -

An important practice that I see used surprisingly rarely is the use of good naming conventions in spreadsheets. By naming conventions I mean how you name your file, sheets, tables, macros, column headers etc.

How many spreadsheets do you open with just data on a ‘Sheet 1’, and a filename which doesn’t contain the date? It might sound overkill to do these things properly, but not doing so can lead to all kinds of errors and people using out of date files.

Try naming all of your files with a date stamp at the beginning in the format YYYYMMDD, and end the file name with a version number. This way your files will be easy to find and use correctly. Call your data sheets DATA and any sheets with lookup tables something like LOOKUPS. Anything you can do to make your files better understood and more useable is worth doing!

A keyboard shortcut I'm adding to my list - 

Did you know that you can insert rows, columns and cells by using Ctrl + +? Just select where you want to insert, and use the shortcut to insert. Similarly, you can use Ctrl + - to delete rows, columns and data.

A function I've found super useful this week - 

Sometimes, you receive data with text in a messy format - all capitals, for example. There are a few functions that can help with this:

Use =UPPER to convert text to upper case, and =LOWER for lowercase.

=PROPER will capitalise the first letter of each word, so is useful for presentation purposes.

 Check some more top tips for working in Excel on Microsoft’s website!

Hope these were useful, until next time all the best. 

- Martyn

Edinburgh, Scotland

June 2018

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