How to protect your work in Excel

Welcome to your weekly 3 tip Friday update, it’s just a short dose of Excel help before you start the weekend. Each week we’ll cover a tip, a shortcut and a function - making it super easy for you to get better at Excel.

A quick win you can learn today -

Password protecting a workbook is quite straightforward - just click on the File tab and click ‘protect workbook’.

One other way to protect your work is to lock cells on a worksheet so that they can be viewed but not edited.

To do this, first decide what cells are to be protected - right click and select format cells. In the properties tab you can choose to lock or unlock cells.

Second, go to the review menu bar and select protect sheet. A menu will pop up allowing you to select what actions can be taken on the sheet whilst it’s protected - you can also set a password. Just don’t forget the password as there’s no forgotten password functionality!

A keyboard shortcut I'm adding to my list -

One of my favourite shortcuts that I find myself using all the time is Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down to move to the next sheet to the right / left. It’s much quicker than using the mouse.

A function I've found super useful this week -

SUMIF is a really useful function that allows you to sum values from a range, only when a certain criteria is met. You can use it to check when a column has a particular text value, or where a numerical cell meets the criteria you set. There’s 3 components to a SUMIF:

  1. The range that you want to check for the criteria

  2. The criteria - to set a cell, just enter the address, for a text value, enclose in “speech marks” and for mathematical functions, add the operator in speech marks too, separated by an &, e.g. “>”&100

  3. The range to SUM

It’s a really easy to use function and well worth learning if you don’t already know it!

In the meantime, check what’s new in Excel 2019 for Windows by clicking here!

Until next time,

- Martyn

Edinburgh, Scotland

August 2018

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