How To Create A Simple Excel Dashboard

A couple of weeks ago I said that my next article would be an easy to use process to create a dashboard, but I've found distilling this into a short bite size article to be more challenging than I'd hoped! There's just so many ways to build a dashboard - and there's no one singe right way to do it.

So here's how I've decided to tackle this complex process - This week I've written a guide on how to easily create a list style dashboard using a technique that you can use over and over again. This will give you the basic framework to create great looking reports. In the following weeks I will cover add-ons that you can use to build out your report, including:

  • Up/Down movement arrows

  • Red/Amber/Green Indicators

  • Movement Bars

  • Spark Lines (mini charts)

Join me in video 1 today, and let’s get started building dashboards.

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