How to print labels from Excel

How to print labels from Excel using Mail Merge

If you have a list of addresses in Excel, there’s a neat little trick you can use to print address labels from Excel. The secret is to use Microsoft’s mail merge capabilities to pull the data from Excel into a neatly formatted Word template.

First, set up your list

Hopefully you already have a list of addresses you wish to use. There should be one column for each address line you wish to print on the label. Also make sure that the list is on the first sheet of your workbook.

Excel Mail Merge Format

Now save your work (note the location of the file!) and exit the file.

Set up the Word Mail Merge

  • Open a new blank document in Microsoft Word

  • Go to Mailings - Start Mail Merge - Labels

Using Mail Merge in Word
  • Go to the Label Options dialog, and select your label supplier or dimensions by clicking New Label if your label details are not available. Click OK.

Choose which types of labels to print
  • Your document should now display a grid outline of the labels (if you dot see this, go to Table Layout and click View Gridlines)

Select View Gridlines
  • Now save your work

  • Go to Mailings - Select Recipients and choose Use an existing list as the option, Click OK

Select the Excel file to mail merge
  • Select your Excel file of addresses

  • Now, format the fields in the first label using the Insert Merge Field, so they look how you want.

Add mail merge fields
  • Click Mailings - Update Labels to update the labels to this new format

  • Click Mailings - Preview Results to see how the finished labels will look. Make more amends if required.

  • When ready, print your labels by clicking Finish - Print Documents

If you follow these simple instructions, it should be quite straightforward to set up label printing using Excel and Word.