driving audience engagement

Driving Audience engagement in MI through competition

If your business has reports or dashboards regularly refreshed, how do you maintain engagement in the report over time? Metrics can get stale, and their profile can drop. 

Lack of engagement can be a red herring. Just because something gets less discussion or engagement doesn't make it less important. Sometimes even the most crucial metrics can tire. 

We encourage you to step back and think about the way your business is organised. Who are the key audiences of your reports and how are they spread around the business? By region? By business?

We have found that by displaying all key metrics by a dimension used thought the business you can drive ongoing engagement. Use the names of the department heads in a table or chatty ranked against each other. No one wants a red against their name, and no one wants to be at the bottom of the list. 

Creating league tables like this not only encourages engagement but also helps drive better performance through a competitive audience. 

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