Here's what just a few of our 25,000+ students have to say about our learning Excel with Data Minded

Thoroughly enjoyed the course as it was very well paced. Bite sized yet providing clear concise detailed instructions that I could follow the activities in a separate local spreadsheet and learn by doing. Good clarity in speech and good examples help. The instructor also reverts back quickly if you have a question or suggestion. -Kaushal V

Well worth the modest expense, as what is being taught can have great value--personally, at work, and even to justify a more bold claim on one's resume for even better employment! -Jim

Very, VERY good crash course on more advanced functionality one can get out of Excel. -Brandon K
Very detailed course -Casey H

This is a really great course. He started at what I would definitely consider an intermediate level--and I even learned some things during that part--and then took us well into advanced usage of Excel, as promised. The instructor was also very responsive, answering in-depth questions I had, even when they were beyond the scope of the course. -Randy C

This course was helpful as to usage of every day project. I really got a lot our of it. -Cathy B

The teacher is great!. I am spaniard and I could understand perfectly his english. -Itziar R

The coverage of pivot tables was very thorough and I learned many new things. I do think that more quizzes along the way would be helpful to reinforce what was covered. -Allison R

The course was very practical and informative. -Kevin G

The course on pivot tables is really well detailed and easy to understand. -Pauline K

The course has been great so far. Clear and concise chapters. I have learnt things I didn't already know and will definitely be looking for a more advanced course after I have completed this one. -Ben R

The course has been easy to follow, very simplified -Olusola A

Practical. Thorough. I like the use of real world examples and information on how to learn more. -Judy B

Material was as described, presented in simple, direct language with good examples. -Gary R

love the tips. best practices quite relevant and to be kept in mind. also there are quizzes to test your understanding of the previous lessons as well as links to the lectures for the answers that you missed. I love this course. highly recommended! -Mary J

Knowledgeable instructor and very well presented -Osborn K

Its a good course to mater excel. There are downloadable sheets with lessons to master and practice. I enjoyed it with your clear instructions during the course. -Abrar H

This course is simple and coherent. It is well taught and I do feel that I've gained important , practical information. -Shlomo B

I like the speed and the information so far. Especially the tips on improving data -Kari-Anne S

I am really learning a lot in this course!! Well worth the time to watch the videos! -Emanuel A

I am enjoying the course so far -satine B

I am enjoying the course and the instructor. Course is explained clearly and well laid out. -Christopher B

Great work. Easy to follow up and understand. Neither too quick , nor too slow. -Anthoula M

Great way to get alot of information quickly. -Kim K

Great course. I can always learn more in excel! -Andrew P

The instructor does a good job of starting simple and building up to more complex ideas using practical examples. -Jerrett M

Great course for intermediate Excel users myself who are already familiar with the material but need more real-world examples to consolidate the information and begin to put it to use. The section on dashboard creation really put the concept together for me. -Michael D

Excellent course if you already know the basics in Excel and want to improve your skills so that you can fully use the software and make it work for you. Easy to listen to and well explained. Beats trying to learn from a book any day! Great value for money. -Kieran L

Easy to follow with step by step illustrations and examples. -Mary A

Clear Presentation. -Tan C

A very to the point and informative course, highly recommended. -Muhammad W